History of New York Dentists Inc.

• In the early 1900’s, Dr. Sims brought Eastern Dental Company, from New York City New to Ft Wayne Indiana.

• In 1915 Dr. Sims was using the name New York Painless Dentists, as advertised in the Fort Wayne telephone directory. Located at Calhoun and Wayne St. (2nd Floor Odd Fellows Building).

• On June 5th, 1917, Secretary of State, Ed Jackson, approved and certified the change of name from Eastern Dental Company to New York Dentists of Fort Wayne.

1903 – 1941

• In the 1920’s, New York Dentists of Fort Wayne was owned and operated by Dr. R.B. Shields until 1932

• After the death of Dr. R.B. Shields, Dr. Max Andrews took over ownership of the New York Dentists. Dr. Andrews moved the practice from the 100 N. Calhoun St. location (where the Wells Fargo Bank building now stands) to a newly constructed building at 1117 S Clinton St. from 1945 to 1946.

1903 – 1941

• In the early 1960’s, after the death of Dr. Andrews, Dr. Foster Sheller continued the practice. Dr. Clifford Salk was an associate in the practice from the summer of 1965 til late 1967. Dr. Sheller retired in late 1965.

• In the fall of 1967, retaining the New York Dentists name, Dr. Salk relocated the practice to 1118 S. Calhoun St. what was previously Star Clothing Store.

1967 – 1980

• In 1980 New York Dentists was relocated to 122 W. Washington, due to the development of the Botanical Gardens. This, the fourth location for the practice, was formerly The Knights of Pythias Building

• From the beginning, New York Dentists has always maintained our own in-house lab. Processing all of our own dental appliances. Many of the same techniques of fabrication have remained the same through the years. As a successful dental practice and having been in business for over a century, it is the oldest practice of it’s kind in Northern Indiana.

• Although New York Dentists is a general practice for family type dentistry, it has consistently excelled in the placement of removable prostheses over the years.

• Currently practicing under the New York Dentists name are Dr. Clifford Salk and Dr. Kenton Bailey.

1980 – Present

• Present Day

Remodeled in 1987

Dentists that have practiced with New Nork Dentist Prior to 1965.

• Dr. Sims
• Dr. R.B. Shields
• Dr. Edings
• Dr. Howard Eglof
• Dr. Max R. Andrews
• Dr. C.W. Shearer
• Dr. Clark
• Dr.McIntyre
• Dr. Foster Sheller
• Dr. Kennan